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I find tattoos to be another way of painting pictures and actually make them last for a lifetime. My artistic background starts long time ago, following the art high school and graduating both Bachelor's and Master's in the Fine Arts University.

The first contact with the tattoo world for me started since I was a student and made me realise that there can be absolutely no difference in portraits painted on canvas and the ones that are tattooed on skin. The only thing that separates the two of them is that the second is destined for people to wear at all times, on themselves, up until the final day of their lives, so if you think about it like this, they actually matter more than clothes! Tattoos and fine arts started to be both an indispensable part of my life, this way I can draw and paint on people as well as on paper, canvas or digital medium which makes it all the more interesting and challenging. As a figurative artist I obviously prefer to tattoo in a realistic manner both black and grey and colour, applying the same style as I do in my paintings.

Me and my other half are constant guest artists, you can find both of us here so you're all more than welcomed for tattoo sessions and also a nice chat :)

Maria Botar